NewsWomenChristmas Drinks

16th December 2019

A Christmas get together at Kilsby Lane for all of our fabulous committee, coaches and parents plus anyone else that knows us or just wants to come and say hi. Meet us and our female committee members and have a look around our excellent facility, especially if you have a daughter wanting to play football or are thinking of bringing your daughter down to play. We have various teams in the top divisions, but cater for all needs. Come and meet some of the players from our various age groups.

We will have a little fun race night starting around 8:30pm for all those who like a flutter and are feeling lucky, all proceeds will go back into the girls club so please bring your wallets & purses.

Its going to be a fantastic little celebration, so if you’re free on Saturday evening please pop in to the club and see us and join in the fun! We look forward to seeing you.