Football education programme



Our new football education programme provides those with sporting aspirations to pursue a career in the sports industry when they leave school. 

What the programme looks like

The Football and Education Scholarship is attracting growing interest and gaining enormous popularity. Delivered in partnership with many professional and semi‐professional football clubs across the country, it’s the perfect place to be if you’re looking for a springboard to your future career.

At the core of all our programmes is the desire to harness the next generation of semi‐professional and professional athletes. We strongly believe in motivating you to reach your full potential and preparing you for life as a professional sportsperson.

It is a well‐known cliché that practice makes perfect but every dedicated athlete knows only too well, just how true it is.

Our training replicates the environment that you are likely to encounter after leaving the programme. Each week you train with highly qualified professional coaches, under the direction of a head coach. 

Training depends on the sport and pathway you have chosen, but typically includes technical development, tactical and competition set up, stretching, proprioception and training games.


Our programmes act as a foundation for you to further your career plans. Many of our former students go on to find professional work whilst others choose to apply for apprenticeships or higher education. With this programme on your CV, nothing is impossible.

It may sound daunting or far from reality at the beginning but at the end of  your qualification we will have readily prepared you for the world of work or further education. Whether it’s advice on your career path, applying for apprenticeships or starting your own business, we can help. If you didn’t already, by the time you are finished, you will have the desire to grab every opportunity available to you.

Our programmes embrace kinaesthetic learning ‐ the best way to improve and sharpen your skills is to participate and compete.

Theory is important but it can’t offer the learning curves match time can. That is why our programmes offer regular competitive experiences throughout the course.

Our links with many recognised clubs mean our students are able to compete in great venues up and down the country. There is the opportunity to represent your team against teams of other professional & semi‐professional outfits. It is in this environment that scouts from a number of professional organisations come to view the talent on display. Many have been lucky enough to be noticed whilst competing in these fixtures and subsequently contracted to take the next step in their chosen sport.

Put in the hours and the rewards will come. Be it participation in practical work or theory, students who enter the programme must be prepared to work hard.

To achieve the pinnacle of any sport you have to work hard. A typical student can expect to spend anything up to 20–25 hours a week studying, training, and developing his or her work experience. There are no half measures or shortcuts to success.

Typical timetable:

Monday’s & Tuesday’s
Morning – Education Sessions.
Afternoon – Education & Training Session


Morning –Training Sessions. 
Afternoon – Independent Study

Morning –Training Sessions. 
Afternoon – Work Placement


Football Academy | Rugby Borough Football Club

Located at Rugby Borough Football club's
award winning £2.5 million pound facility

We have a number of pitches available on site and we can adapt our 3G pitches to provide 5v5, 7v7 games and 9v9 games.


The course is open to those aged 16-19 years. 

Our programme is open to everyone aged 16 - 19 years. If you do not have Maths and English GCSE at Level 4 or above we will provide you with the opportunity to retake your Maths and English GCSE exams and assess whether you are best suited to start at level 2 or 3. 

All practical and class room based activities take place at our award winning football facility in Rugby, Warwickshire.

Yes. You will play regularly in the MJPL and the Midland Floodlit League. We also have a senior pathway into our first team. 

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We host trials every school half term holiday (Warwickshire County Council term dates). Our next trials are during the May half term holiday 31st May 2021 - 4th June 2021.

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