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Our volunteers are the unstoppable driving force that keeps our club moving forwards. 

Every function within the JFC, from Executive Committee to Coach, Admin to Media, is carried out by an amazing volunteer.

The elected Executive Committee administer the day to day running of the Club, and make joint-accountability decisions in the best interests of the Club. 

The Committee is assisted by a number of other people volunteering in non-executive support roles, and this is all underpinned by our network of approximately 160 team managers and coaches – the ‘boots on the ground’, without whom there would be no Club!

This huge team effort enables over 1000 children in and around Rugby to play football each week.


Why Do We


We all volunteer for different reasons, and generally it begins with the desire to enable our own children, and others, to play the beautiful game of football.

Playing football increases physical activity, grows confidence, builds friendships and helps develop resilience. We know without a doubt that volunteering directly benefits the thousand plus children we enable to play. 

BUT… Did you know that volunteering is good for you, too? 

It carries a whole host of benefits from increased physical health and fitness to better mental health. You can learn new skills, make new social connections, form new friendships and a find a sense of belonging. Volunteering is also shown to lead to better self-esteem and increased confidence.




Our amazing community club generates a massive £3.6m per year in social value!

To find out how, read the full report...

A social impact study carried out in conjunction with an FA pilot scheme revealed the positive impact that we have: 

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"I really enjoy playing football with Rugby because its a very strong community of people and the facilities are amazing. I love being a part of this club and playing for such an amazing team because I've been able to make the most amazing friendships."
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"It teaches my son social skills, to interact with kids from different cultures and backgrounds. It teaches him about discipline and fitness and health. That means more to me than most things they teach at school."
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"I really enjoy being a volunteer at the club, helping out the team and coaching the squad. It helps me focus on something fun and constructive, which benefits my health and wellbeing and gives a sense of giving back. I hope the girls enjoy me input too!"

Would You Like To

Get Involved?

As our Club continues to grow, we need more people to keep things running smoothly and carry us forward into the future. 

Are you someone who is passionate about football? Are you interested in giving back to your local community? Could you spare 1-2 hours per week? If the answer is yes, join us in shaping the future of Rugby Borough JFC!

We’re always looking for volunteers to join the Committee, or help us in supportive non-committee roles. If you would like to chat about how you could help us, please get in touch.

We currently have a number of vacant executive and non-executive roles, including:

Finance Team – to assist our Treasurer with administering the day to day finance operations.  

Welfare Team – to assist our Head of Welfare in ensuring the safety and well-being of our players. 

Press, Marketing and Communications – to manage the Clubs member communications and social media presence and drive visibility. 

Fundraising Officers  contribute innovative ideas and strategy to support the Club’s fundraising efforts and community outreach.

Please be advised that certain positions will be subject to an FA DBS check which will be funded by the Club

safe - inclusive - progressive

ready to make a difference?

What we do at Rugby Borough JFC positively impacts the lives of over 1000 playing members in and around Rugby.

Are you ready to be the difference?
Volunteering | Rugby Borough FC
Volunteering | Rugby Borough FC