Rugby Borough U12 Girls v Kibworth Town

28th October 2020

Rugby Borough Girls U12’s started as they meant to go on with early shots by Evie, Ella and Hattie, but not quite getting the back of the net, until 12 minutes in Beth’s strike took the girls to 1 – 0 up. Sharon almost took it to 2-0 with a magnificent run down the wing from defence to a shot on goal, saved by the Kibworth Town keeper. 5 minutes later Sharon does the same again, this time getting the goal, only for it to be disallowed by the referee due to an off-side ruling via a deflection off another player. Keeping the scoreline at 1 – 0.
Kibworth Town counter attack 2 minutes before the half time whistle with a shot on goal, saved by Sofia, bravely representing her team in goal for the first half in Harriet’s absence.

Rugby Borough U12 Girls v Kibworth Town | Rugby Borough FC

Ellie boldly took on the position of goalie for the team in the second half – hoping to bring the goal keeper gene into action (Ellie’s younger sister is the start goalie for Rugby Borough U8’s). Ellie’s skills weren’t put to the test today, Rugby borough kept the ball in the Kibworth Town half for the majority of play. Sharon’s solid defence and ball control kept the ball well away from the Rugby Borough goal and guided back up the pitch.

Four minutes into the second half, striker Tumi places a powerful strike beautifully into the back of the net, the keeper didn’t stand a chance with the speed behind that one, taking Rugby Borough Girls to 2 – 0 up. Three minutes later and Tumi chips the ball straight up and over the keepers head to make it 3 – 0. Plenty of action in the Kibworth Town half; Rosa strikes for goal, but it’s wide. Ella then strikes just inside the box taking the score to 4 – 0. Ella strikes again, but the ball goes wide. Rosa striking for goal, rebounding out and Ella knocking in for the 5th goal, a formidable attacking duo. Less than 10 minutes of the game to go and a great run by Olivia taking the ball up to attack, passes to Tumi and she strikes, getting her hat trick goal, taking the girls to 6 – 0 up. More chances for Rugby Borough, Hattie strikes on target, but its saved by the Kibworth Town goalie and again 2 minutes later and it hits the post. 1 minute before the final whistle and Rosa gets her goal taking the girls to 7 – 0 as the whistle blows for full time.

Tumi’s powerful striking and hat trick won her the well deserved Player of the Match award.