Under 8 Girls v SJB

2nd May 2021

Seven very excited girls arrived at Mackadown Lane in glorious sunshine for their first ever game as a new team. 

Both sides got stuck in straight away, with both teams very evenly matched. 

We started with Esme, Ellen, Bethany, Sienna Rose and Grace in goal. For the first 10 minutes they played hard and had loads of fun. Esme was very impressive pushing forward hard and passing well, Ellen supported Esme well up front pushing and passing well.

U9 Bobcats

Grace saved a few good goals with Sienna-Rose and Bethany defending well. Bethany kept pushing forward and assisting the girls up front and the girls defended and attacked really well.

Grace had a few opportunities of great saves; it was her first time in goal – well done great effort.

All of the girls worked really hard in all of the positions they played during the match.

The team swapped around after 10 minutes and they pushed hard again. Eliza and Imogen came on and Grace and Bethany sat on the bench. Sienna played well in goal.

The girls just kept having fun.
Swapped around again Esme and Ellen sat on the Bench and Bethany and Eliza played forward and pushed hard. They missed a couple of goals which were well saved.

Imogen and Eliza played really well and kept pushing the ball forward. Grace played really well in defence and forward.

For the last 10 minutes Ellen and Esme came back on. Sienna-Rose and Grace sat on the bench with Bethany in goal. Bethany played well in goal and saved some goals.

Match overview – great fun, girls played really hard and totally enjoyed the match.

Looking forward to the next game. Well done girls.