U12 Girls vs Groby Juniors U12 Vixen Girls

2nd November 2020

Rugby Borough were without their keeper Harriet again this week; Ellie stepped into her shoes for the first half and Sofia for the second half. Both girls did their team proud and were put to the test many times throughout the match. The match was end to end throughout.

U12 Girls vs Groby Juniors U12 Vixen Girls | Rugby Borough FC

10 minutes in and a shot on goal by Groby left the Rugby Borough girls fans holding their breath, fortunately Sharon got to it just in time and cleared it off the line. 5 minutes after RBG fought back with Rosa’s shot just going wide of the Groby goal. Sharon battled the Groby attackers in the RBG half, taking control of the ball and making her way down the wing. Outrunning several defence at-tempts by Groby Sharon takes it all the way and scores, taking the scoreline 1-0 to RBG. Five minutes later Groby’s talented number 17 gets a shot, but sends it wide. Just minutes before the half time whistle Groby are awarded a free kick just outside the penalty box and score taking the half time score to 1-1. Reflective of the end to end play.

In the first minute of the second half Groby strike for goal from a free kick (questionable decision), fortunately for Sofia, under pressure in her first minute on the pitch as stand in goal-keeper, the ball goes wide. Straight back into the Groby half and Ella strikes for goal, but it’s just wide. A goal kick and RBG win the ball again for Rosa to strike for goal, hitting the post, then back out to Bethany who puts the ball in the back of the net taking us to 2 – 1. The end to end continues and Sofia saves a Groby shot on goal just 2 minutes later. Sharon is relentless in defence winning tackle after tackle and outrunning the Groby attackers to get to the ball first and get it away from the RBG goal.

10 minutes to go and Rugby are battling to extend their lead and stop Groby from equalising. Beth-any crosses to Ella and it hits the post. Corner taken by Rosa, crossed in and Bethany shoots again, but it’s saved by the keeper. Bethany and Rosa make another run together from the halfway line to shoot, but it’s saved by the keeper again. The end to end battle continues with Sharon and Connie battling hard to keep the ball away from the RBG goal. 3 minutes from full time and after their relentless attempts Groby score taking the scored to 2 – 2. The battle continues and the RBG fans hold their breath as just before the whistle blows for full time Groby strike for goal, fortunately it goes wide and we can all breath again. The final score is 2 – 2. A very tired Rugby Borough Girls team battled to the end in their toughest match yet. Great play by all for their last match before the lockdown.

Rosa’s relentless midfield running, tackling, beautifully placed crosses and 110% effort throughout won her the well deserved Player of the Match award.