U10 Girls v Haunchwood

Rugby Borough girls played their first match back, away vs Haunchwood, on a beautiful Easter Sunday.

Anna volunteered to start the match in goal, and what an excellent goalie she was. Haunchwood made some early strong attacks which were nicely defended by Lyra and Sophia. Lyra made some wonderful accurate passes straight up to Amber, who made some brilliant runs up to the opposition’s half.

In the second quarter Lyra had a stint in goal, with Anna taking back her position on the right wing, staying strong when the opposition were pressing her. Emily was positioned in midfield making some great interceptions of the ball and made some strong passes out to Anna and Amber, who managed to break through Haunchwoods fast paced forwards.

We had an excellent second quarter with amazing chances being taken by our front three, Amber, Anna and Ruby. Ruby was communicating well with her other teammates and when she received the ball, she used her strength and skills to attack the oppositions defence.

In the third quarter Lyra stayed in goal, making excellent saves, and passing out to Summer. Summer was demonstrating her fantastic ability to read the match and defended well throughout. She made some great passes into the centre where Deeksha was ready and waiting. Deeksha used her pace and good footwork to work her way through the opposition, creating chances for the team.

In the final quarter Emily went in goal, making some wonderful saves. Emily was backed up with Sophia and Summer who were making it difficult for the opposition to break through. Sophia stayed focused and committed to prevent the opposition breaking through.   

Player of the match: Summer – for excellent defending and movement around the pitch.

U10 Girls v Haunchwood | Rugby Borough FC