U10 Girls v Blaby

19th April 2021

Another incredible game from the girls. This was the reverse fixture to their first ever match together and the progression the girls have made was evident today.

The match was played in two halves, with Lyra taking her stint in goal, making some brilliant saves, and keeping the opposition at bay. Lyra was supported with Summer and Sophia in defence. They worked well together, making some great tackles when Blaby & Whetstone counter attacked.

Peyton was using her excellent pace in midfield and was getting back to defend when she was needed. Peyton consistently challenged the opposition to win the ball and created fast paced counter attacks for Anna and Ruby. The game was end to end with Emily working hard on the wing, making some wonderful tackles and accurate passes straight to her teammates.

The second half of the match saw Peyton take a turn in goal. Amber was communicating well with her teammates and made some brilliant strong runs through the oppositions defence with the help of Ruby and Emily. Ruby used her strength and skill to work through the midfield and defenders. So many chances were being made by both teams. With Lyra no longer is goal she joined Sophia in defence where both chased the ball down and cleared the ball from any danger. Anna made great runs showing off her ability to use her footwork to get around the defenders.

The final minutes of the game Summer went in goal and Peyton got straight back out onto the pitch making some excellent runs with the help of Emily, who was always in the perfect position to make great passes. Ruby was working hard as the striker, but made sure she gave opportunities to her teammates when the chance arrived. When the opposition made counter attacks, Summer handled her time in goal wonderfully and challenged the players and made some great saves.

U10 Girls v Blaby | Rugby Borough FC