RBJFC U8 Eagles vs Coventry Copsewood

2nd November 2020

After having a few weeks off, Rugby Borough’s Under 8 Eagles were back in action this weekend and faced Coventry Copsewood.

The boys arrived at Kilsby Lane, all with a spring in their steps, and although the weather started off kindly for the boys whilst warming up, it didn’t last long…

Lucas - Rugby Borough U8 Eagles

Straight from the off the boys were up for everything, every tackle won, every second ball collected back from the midfield dynamo of Robert and Amalfi, with Oliver making Copsewood’s defence work tirelessly with his off-the-ball movement.

In the first 10 minutes of the game Copeswood could not get a hold of the ball with quick passes played between all four players on the pitch, a quick passage of play saw the boys make Copeswood make a mistake near their own goal only for Robert to pick the ball up and fire one into the bottom corner!

Following a few tactical changes from the opposition and a change of team for the Eagles with James, Zavier and Aahan joining in on the game, the play changed ever so slightly with Copsewood starting to attack. Fortunately for the Eagles, Lucas was strong in defence letting nothing get past him. A few tackles later and they still hadn’t got past Lucas who was unbelievable throughout the whole game!

A quick break in play saw Robert find the ball in loads of space again, and he took a shot and nestled the ball into the back of the net.

The second half began and the heavens opened. A quick change of Oliver back upfront and Robert and Amalfi back into midfield, the rain was beating down so it was a very tough second half. With the rain as strong as it was, it started to affect the vision of the boys.

Trying to keep them all warm and trying to rotate them all as much as possible, it was a tough half for the boys, but they all managed to battle throughout. Great work from Lucas to protect a shot from their player, which managed to trickle through to Louie who hadn’t seen the ball due to the rain, and it ended up in the back of the net. Louie then got up and laughed and said to his Dad, “Dad I couldn’t see!”

Good old rain!

It was nice for the Eagles to get back to winning ways and it was fully deserved, as they showed what they’ve been learning in training onto the pitch. 

Coach Ryan wished he could have given all the boys player of the match due to the weather, but after the performance Lucas put in, all the parents agreed as they voted Lucas player of the match.

Well done Lucas, fully deserved!