Darlaston Town Ladies vs Rugby Borough Women

2nd November 2020

After a week off, Rugby Borough Women had an away game against Darlaston Town Ladies, who are top of the league. 

Lexi - Rugby Borough Women
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Rugby started the game knowing it was going to be a tough one, so they set back and defended well, playing a high line to start with.

Once Rugby had possession in the game they played well, but couldn’t get past the Darlaston defence. Attacking upfront, Charlotte chased down everything, not giving the Darlaston defenders and chance to pass it around at the back. Rugby battled hard throughout the first half and Darlaston created a few chances but couldn’t get it past our defenders or Beth in goals. 

At the end of the first half, a penalty was awarded to Darlaston, and although Beth was finger tips away from saving the pen, the ball hit the back of the net, putting Darlaston ahead at half-time.  

Half time score: Darlaston Town 1 – 0 Rugby Borough 

Darlaston continued to push up in the second half but Rugby’s defenders and wingers kept closing them down and Beth had a couple of good saves too. Determined to equalise, Rugby created a few more chances in the second half but couldn’t get the finishes. After continuous pressure from Darlalston, they took it to 2-0 from a long range effort that took a deflection to beat Beth.

Every player in the Rugby team kept their heads up and put 100% effort into every minute of the game. However a nice solo goal from a Darlaston striker made it 3-0 not long before the final whistle. 

Full-time result: 

Darlaston Town Ladies 3 – 0 Rugby Borough Women

Overall a very good team performance from the ladies, showing significant improvement from last season’s game against the undefeated Darlaston side. Well done to Kay for making her debut for Rugby Borough. Congratulations to Lexi for getting a well deserved player of the match.

The upcoming COVID-19 lockdown gives the ladies a rest for at least a month. The girls will continue trying to keep fit and heathy throughout the lockdown to come back to winning ways in December.