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18th October 2019

Our club crest runs through the whole club, from our 4 year old girls development squads right through to our mens first team and is a symbol we wear with pride, boy, girl, man or woman. Unity, one badge – one club!

The Griffin

A mythical legendary creature with the body, tail and hind legs of lion and the head and wings of an eagle. Both lords in their respective animal kingdoms but the Griffin is the lord of all creatures, the embodiment of earthly power and majesty. A symbol of divine power and a protector and guardian of the divine.

The Griffin is always drawn to powerful opposition where it displays courage, strength, boldness, intelligence and leadership. It epitomises the way we play, whoever we face, we never give up until the very end.

Victori Spolia

Translates to ‘To The Victor The Spoils’