The first game of the season pitted two of Warwickshire’s top U11 teams against each other. The first half was end to end with the Tigers defence of Alex and Mathew working hard to protect stand-in goalkeeper Arjan. The midfield was full of energy with Gabe, Reid and Finn showing their class spraying passes up to the attack like Pirlo in his prime. Constant pressure led to Charlie scoring, quickly followed by Finn and Foxy; easing the Tigers into half time with a comfortable lead.

With no substitutes, the 2nd half became a battle of fitness and teamwork as the Tigers dominated the attack. Olly showed good strength to beat the opposition goalkeeper, and Gabriel followed up with a well-scored goal to secure the result. Coventry Sporting won a consolation penalty but by then the game was over. Congratulations to Man of the Match Mathew.