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Rugby Borough Juniors FC currently have five under 9’s football teams. 

The boys teams train at our leading training facilities at Kilsby Lane. 

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U9 Tigers

Rugby Borough Tigers U9’s for 2020/21 remaining on a Saturday by joining Mid-Warwickshire League.

These lads are a solid bunch who have made a strong bond and now this summer we add 2 more to the squad. The boys are quick learners and have progressed well in a short space of time, we are all looking forward to the next chapter.

Look out for our Match Reports and photos coming soon.

Our U9 Tigers team play 5 vs 5 in the Mid Warwickshire League on Saturdays.


Tuesday 6.30 – 7.30pm @ Kilsby Lane

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Rugby Borough FC - Rob Patton

Manager: Rob Patton

07976 018 045




Rugby Borough FC - Mark RozicAsst: Mark Rozic

07902 386 977


U9 Pumas

Our U9 Pumas team play 5 vs 5 and train once a week.


Tuesday 6 – 7pm @ Kilsby Lane

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Rugby Borough FC - Richard Evans

Manager: Richard Evans

07968 917 819




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Asst: Marcin Szulc

07436 806 635



Rugby Borough FC - Stuart McGregor

Asst: Stuart McGregor

07917 695 255

U9 Colts

Our U9 Colts team play 5 vs 5 and train once a week.


Friday 6 – 7pm @ Kilsby Lane

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Manager: Lee Vince

07464 933 109


U9 Wolves

Rugby Borough U9s Wolves are a fledgling side who have really over-achieved since forming in January 2019. Winning the shield trophy at Soccer Rox tournament in 2019 after only 6 months together showed the great strides they have made. They are brave and creative in possession. We provide a fun environment with a positive mix of ‘crazy and polite’. Our move to playing 7-a-side in September 2020 will be smooth. The team has stayed together, and this will allow them to continue to showcase their positive relationships both on and off the pitch.


Tuesday 7 – 8pm @ Kilsby Lane

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Rugby Borough FC - Jagdeep Chadha

Manager: Jagdeep Chadha

07977 230 305




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Asst: Luke Hillier

07876 330 055

U9 Jaguars

Rugby Borough U9s Jaguars is a diverse and inclusive team featuring 8 different nationalities across both the team and coaching setup. 

On the pitch we play a fast, fluid, and fun brand of progressive football with a relentless focus on hard work, passing and moving together as a unit. We have a reputation for talent development. Off the pitch we are a diverse and welcoming community of parents, coaches, and friends with a culture of togetherness and supporting one other.

We look for, and develop, players who have a Positive Attitude, Belief in the Team, and who are Coachable and Confident. We believe in ‘Ubuntu’ – identity and power in the collective. This is how we are both on and off the pitch. Together as One. Having had success in the Coventry&Warwickshire league since 2018, we have now joined the Mid-Warwickshire league, with games on Saturdays.

We are always open to players and parents who believe in our brand of football and share our communal ethos. We look forward to meeting you.


Tuesday nights at Kilsby Lane, from 18.30 – 19.30

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V.Ganta Gas Services

Rugby Borough FC - Phil Ugo

Manager: Philippe Ugo

07710 790 363




Rugby Borough FC - Tyrone BeckfordManager: Tyrone Beckford

07766 078 854

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