NewsWomenRugby Borough Girls U12s v Asfordby Amateurs Girls U12s

6th January 2020
Sunday 5th January 2020 Kilsby Lane
Rugby Borough Girls U12s
Rugby Borough Girls U12s
Asfordby Amateurs Girls U12s
Asfordby Amateurs Girls U12s

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone involved with this fantastic club – girls, parents, relatives, volunteers and sponsors Mcdonalds and Amber Utilities Ltd. We’re going to have a fantastic 2020 and what a way to start it from the U12s.

After our end of year disappointing result against arguably the best team in the league, not just the loss but the actual way we lost. The U12s knuckled down to some hardwork & commitment to the team ethic with a great attitude to training on Friday evening and turned up on time for the game on Sunday morning with a positive vibe, all looking forward to playing some football in this quite mild Winter weather which we’re blessed with at the moment.

With 3 players missing due to other commitments, we knew we had to play this game with no subs and it was great to see the girls not even moan about it and just get on with the job in hand.

We lined up with our super goalie Erin in net, think she only touched the ball 3 times in the whole game which shows how much hardwork the team put in. She was a virtual bystander for the match but when needed she was alert to it which was good to see.

Our defence of Maya, Katie and Jasmine were superb. Probably Katie and Maya’s best games to date, both very calm on the ball, always supporting the midfielders and making themselves available. Both were backed up by the very able Jasmine, a veteran now, always calm with great skills and ever reliable. This defensive unit scored 8 goals, Jasmine bagged 4, Katie 2 and Maya 2 and every single one was well deserved .

The midfield unit of Holly, Lila (c), Madi and Ella with Melissa up front worked hard and were too much for the opposition who were trying really hard to stop them but Borough had too much firepower especially with the defence backing them up, Lila got her hat-trick on captaining the side. Holly scored 1 and was doing her usual hard work down the left wing working really well with Katie, Ella got 1 making herself a nuisance in and around the box and Melissa scored a lovely goal coming in from right side, well deserved for all of her trickery on the right wing.

It was a one way game, nobody learnt very much from it but we got to try what we’ve been learning in training and more importantly we got to play which has been a bonus recently.

Well done girls, lets take this energy and positivity to Allexton next weekend.

Huge thank’s to match official Molly and to Charlie for running the line and to all the fabulous supporters for coming and cheering on the girls.