U10 Girls v Southam United

The U10’s team made the Journey over to Southam for their 3rd match together. They braved some incredibly poor weather with heavy downpours and strong winds.

The starting line-up saw Leah positioned in goal. The girls got off to a positive start and quickly made headway into the opposition’s half. With Amber and Anna using their excellent footwork and ball skills to make their way around their opponents and creating some wonderful opportunities. On the few occasions she was called upon, Leah commanded her box well, gathering the ball ahead of the opposition strikers and then clearing with some great kicking skills. 

Emily got straight into action and started pressing the opposition quickly. She held her position well, was strong in the tackle and made some great passes to her teammates. Sophia came on for her first match with the girls. She bravely made some great tackles, constantly intercepting the ball and passed the ball well herself. A great display on her 1st match with the team.

On occasion, the opposition would break with a quick counterattack, but they would always run into Peyton who held an excellent defensive position. She made some great tackles combined with calm and measured passing to teammates when it was needed.

In the second half Amber had a stint in goal. With some great kicking, she got the ball swiftly out to Lyra who made some great runs up the wing. Lyra was also defending extremely well and demonstrating her excellent ability in reading the match. Alongside Peyton they made an impressive defensive pairing.

When Leah come on to the pitch, she was making some great passes in midfield. She utilised her strong kicking ability when taking the corners and it was great to see her dedication pay off. She also threatened the oppositions defence with some powerful long-range shooting and always closing the ball down when it got to the midfield. 

In the final quarter of the match Summer took her turn in goal after some good running and communication outfield. She commanded the box well, gathering the ball on a few occasions and made a wonderful 1 v 1 save right at the end of the match

The girls should be extremely proud of their performance in such arduous conditions and it is wonderful to see how fast they are improving as a team each week. 

U10 Girls v Southam United | Rugby Borough FC
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