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Rugby Borough FC Lotto draw – 7th November 2020

9th November 2020

RBFC lottery result from Saturday 7th November 2020.

The first 2 numbers drawn from the National Lotto on Saturday, were – 3 & 56 for a prize of £460.

1 person matched 1 number, and nobody matched the pair. Next week’s draw on 14th of November 2020 will rollover to £480.

Anyone wanting to join the Rugby Borough lottery is welcome. It’s £4.33 per month to be paid by standing order, you pick 2 numbers and if they are the first 2 numbers drawn on the Saturday night Lotto (in either order) then the prize is paid out. 

If you wish to enter, you can [email protected] and we will email the joining forms to you.

The entry fee is split 50/50, with half going into the prize fund and the other half into equipment for the football club.

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