New Under 8’s v SJB

9th May 2021

Seven very excited girls arrived at Kilsby Lane all ready for another Game.

Both sides started well and got stuck in; the away team a little more reserved as they are a slightly younger team. However, they really enjoyed it.

We started with Esme, Bethany, Eliza, Imogen and Grace In Goal. For the first 10 minutes they played hard and had loads of fun. Esme, Eliza and Bethany were very impressive pushing forward hard and passing well, All the girls kept pushing and passing well.

U8 v SJB - May 2021 - Match photo
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Grace, Amelia, Bethany, Eliza and Imogen all had turns in goal and all played really well. All had a few good saves. 

For the second 10 minutes Bethany and Grace were on the Bench. Esme and Eliza played forward; Eliza kept pushing hard and played forward really well. This was Amelia’s first match and her first time in goal, it was a great effort.

For the third quarter Bethany was in goal, and made a few great saves. Eliza and Esme were on the bench. The team played hard Olivia, Grace and Imogen all found a good pace and kept pushing forward.

For the last 10 Minutes Bethany, Esme, Imogen, Olivia were on the field with Eliza in goal, another great effort pushing, pull and passing really well.

Totally enjoying the game. Eliza / Imogen swapped for the. last 5 minutes. Eliza again pushing hard finding good positions. Amelia played her first ever match and she was brilliant getting into good positions.

Generally a great game, loads of fun had by all the girls, I’m  really enjoying watching them progress as a Team.

Roll on Next Season, loads of fun to be had by all. Once again well done Girls.

Thank you Leigh for Refereeing for us today.